Water resomation is a sustainable choice

It reduces energy consumption and mercury emissions

  • 01/10/18
  • Updated Inspiration

With global populaton growing and the threats presentd by climate change ever more present, we need to look for more sustainable options, not only while we live,  but also when we die. Water incineration (or ‘resomation’) is a more ecological alternative to conventional cremation or burial. Its technique consists of reducing the tissues of the body by subjecting them to temperatures of more than 150ºC. In truth, the decomposition process is the same that naturally occurs in nature (or burial), but during resomation the process only takes few hours. In addition, this technique also offers the possibility of delivering remains to family members.

Water incineration has become popular in North America, and in the European Union legislative changes are taking place to regulate its practice. In the United Kingdom some companies already offer it.

Water resomation is a sustainable choice

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