The Urban Vitality of Barcelona – Mapped

Researchers apply the principles of Jane Jacobs for a unique city snapshot

  • 27/09/18
  • Updated Inspiration

Researchers Xavier Delclòs and Carme Miralles from the Universitat Autónoma of Barcelona have conducted research to map the urban vitality of modern cities in the Mediterranean. Following the theories and methodology about urban planning of pioneering urban activist Jane Jacobs, they conducted a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of Barcelona. The data has been published in the academic journal Land Use Policy under the title “Looking at Barcelona through Jane Jacobs’s eyes: Mapping the basic conditions for urban vitality in a Mediterranean conurbation.” It presents some surprising conclusions; such as the high level of activity in Barcelona’s peripheral neighbourhoods, and identifies three main arteries of human traffic flow.

The Urban Vitality of Barcelona – Mapped

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