The Most Sustainable Packaging

An exhibition in London shows us the lastest innovation in the industry

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The onslaught of images of plastic debris floating in our oceans has caused alarm and the need to rethink packaging. The Museum of Brands in London addresses this subject in the exhibition ‘Pack the future’.

Packaging is an essential part of commerce, since it protects, preserves and extends the life of the product. It also facilitates its transport and displays information about it. However, much of the packaging these days is made of polluting plastics that, in many cases, are designed for single use.

The exhibition ‘Pack the future’ highlights the complex aspects of packaging and sustainability and, at the same time, shows the most innovative solutions in the field. Refillable containers, and disposable or recycled materials are often the result of important technological advances in which many companies are already working, such as the Finnish Sulapac, whose biodegradable containers (pictured) are shown in the exhibition.

The Museum of Brands explores the influence of brands on people, culture and society as a whole through temporary and permanent exhibitions, workshops and talks, which are designed to stimulate debate.


 Address:  111 – 117 Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, W11 1QT. London, United Kingdom

On until June 22nd

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