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The Fashion for Good Experience Museum in Amsterdam exhibits the most interesting challenges and proposals in the sector

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The fashion industry seems stuck in the ‘buy, use and throw-away’ model. According to the Fashion for Good platform, in the western world, on average we buy 60 percent more clothing than we did fifteen years ago, and they last practically half the time. It is estimated that 60 percent of garments that are produced annually end up burning in a landfill in less than a year. The environmental impact of this process is enormous and a part of the fashion industry is focusing on moving towards more sustainable paths.

Last October, the Fashion for Good Experience interactive museum was inaugurated in Amsterdam, whose objective is to raise awareness about the most negative aspects of the fashion industry and, at the same time, to show how to transform it from within towards a more sustainable model. This is an initiative of the international platform Fashion for Good, which brings together producers, creatives, investors, major brands, retailers and NGOs in the sector, to raise awareness of the issue.

The Fashion for Good Experience museum offers visitors an interactive trip through the fashion industry. One of the main attractions is the Innovation Room, where, through videos, interviews and animations, the work of more than 500 entrepreneurs willing to explore more sustainable paths is shown. In addition, the visitor can use an intelligent bracelet that allows him to create an action plan to be more responsible from an ecological point of view in his or her buying habits, or design a pair of beach flip flops with minimal environmental impact.

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