Ricardo Basiches

A talk about the creative process

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Compulsive designer, architect and lover of graffiti, Ricardo Basiches stands out for the projects he carries out in different fields: real estate projects, studios, institutional, residential and commercial projects, from nightclubs to gyms. An architect with strong and striking features, his architecture has a contemporary and timeless language.

Casa de Riviera by Basiches Arquitetos Asociados.

I am very flexible. I like to listen, receive all the information from clients. It is essential to build good architecture.

In this talk, Basiches delves into the creative process of its projects, from the initial design by hand, to the final presentation to its clients and the realization of them. He also explains the difficulties he faces, and where he finds the inspiration that serves as the basis for his ideas, something has changed with the appearance of COVID-19 and the new social reality.

Talk in Portuguese

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