The challenges of “Housing For All”

UN-HABITAT analyzes dwellings from the point of view of affordability, accessibility and sustainability

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The United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT) launched the “Housing For All” campaign last October.  

The initiative aims to promote alliances and initiatives that will help increase housing for all in order to improve future resilience of cities and communities.  

As part of this campaign, UN-HABITAT is carrying out different actionsAmong them, we find the publication of the report “Housing for all: the challenges of affordability, accessibility and sustainability”. In this report, the organization analyzes tools and experiences in developing and developed countries, seeking to inspire governments, local authorities, partners, the private sector and civil society and to promote access to housing on an equal basis regardless of citizens’ economic resources. 

In addition to the publication of the report, UN-HABITAT also aims to provide visibility to the problem of access to housing from an audiovisual point of viewwith the publication of the documentary The Human Shelter, directed by Boris Bertram. The film takes viewers on an expedition around the world, introducing them to people living in extreme social, economic and environmental conditions.  


Housing for all The Human Shelter

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