“The Book of Homelessness”, the first graphic novel created by homeless people

The complexity of the lack of housing seen from an emotional and honest perspective

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There are realities that are difficult to describe and that is why they sometimes seem invisible. Homelessness is one of them and making sure it is not forgotten is the goal of the Accumulate Art School since its establishment by Marice Cumber five years ago. 

The school’s team offers graphic design, illustration, fashion, photography and sculpture courses to people affected by the lack of housing, to allow them to develop from a personal and professional point of view. 

 As a result of this work they have published the first graphic novel in the world made by homeless people, “The Book of Homelessness, a compilation of drawings and written works, which provides its creators with a platform to convey their life and experience stories from their own perspective.  

"The Book of Homelessness"

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