“Teeter Totter-Wall”, a seesaw between borders

The project was installed on the wall between Mexico and the United States

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The limit between the United States and Mexico is currently one of the borders with the greatest imbalance all around the worldTo provide visibility to this reality, the architecture studio Rael San Fratelloalong with Chopeke Collective, designed a temporary installation on the wall located between both countries, which was named Teeter Totter-Wall”. 

The aim was to create a place where citizens from both sides of the border could connect, so they designed three bright pink seesaws to fit in the spaces of the steel frontier wall.  

To provide visibility to the action, the studio advertised the intervention in an Instagram post, in which smiling children could be seen playing with the seesaws, which became viral as a sign of resistance.  

 The inventiveness of the action has been recognized with the prestigious Beazley Design of the Year 2020 awardpresented by the London Design Museum. 

Teeter Totter-Wall

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