Shared Spaces

Rethinking housing to address major social and environmental challenges

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In most cities, accessing decent housing is becoming more and more difficult every day. Not only because prices, both for purchase and for rental, just keep climbing, but also because of the cost of energy. Aside from a huge economic investment, when it comes to housing our current lifestyle also generates a serious environmental impact. How can we reverse this situation, now that warnings of the devastating effects of global warming have been sounding non-stop?

In her book Small is Necessary: Shared Living on a Shared Planet (Pluto, 2018), Anitra Nelson proposes that the housing solution lies in sharing our space. From the creation of eco-villages to housing cooperatives, community gardens and tiny houses, the book is a compendium of practical and inspiring cases, developed in different countries around the world. It is a broad, detailed, critical, and yet constructive analysis of the past and present of alternative and community housing models. Anitra Nelson analyses options that open the door to the possibility of living better with less, while also strengthening social bonds between members of the community and, not least importantly, reducing our ecological footprint.

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