Sanitation in Developing Countries: A Topic for Debate on World Toilet Day

The We Are Water foundation is organizing a conference at the Roca Barcelona Gallery to address nature-based solutions.

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As basic as it may seem to us, billions of people around the world do not have toilets, and human waste is not treated with adequate sanitation processes. This contaminates the water and soil that supports human life. To increase public awareness of this situation, every November 19, since 2013 ,the United Nations has celebrated World Toilet Day.This year for the occasion, the We Are Water foundation is organizing a debate in line with the United Nations’ theme “Nature is calling”. A series of experts will come together to share their knowledge on sanitation systems that are in harmony with nature. The debate will take place on Thursday, November 15 at the Roca Barcelona Gallery. It will address techniques that can help communities manage their waste using available resources, and, at the same time, produce fertilizers. The discussion will also delve into options for filtering waste water before it is returned to natural water sources. In addition, there will be a presentation of case studies dealing with projects that have already been implemented and the processes they used.

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