“Priced Out”, a documentary that explores the complexity of gentrification

A film that follows the life of a woman and her evolution for more than 15 years along with the changes experiences by her neighborhood

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 In most cases, the urban and social renovation process of a deprived urban area leads to the increase in housing prices and consequently, to the displacement of residents who have traditionally lived in the most deteriorated neighborhoods.  

 This is the situation faced by the black community of Portland, a city experiencing a profound transformation and with rising property prices, a reality showcased by the award-winning film Priced Out. 

 The film follows Nikki Williams for fifteen years, a single mother who welcomed gentrification in the 1990s, hoping it would improve the only ghetto in Portland, where she lived. The documentary shows how, fifteen years later, most residents have had to leave the area due to the revaluation of real estate properties. She refuses to leave her neighborhood and continues fighting to prevent other communities from experiencing the same situation.  


“Priced Out”

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