Podcast: America Adapts

Listen in for some insights on how landscape architecture can step up to the challenge of adaptation to global warming

Hosted by climate change adaptation expert Doug Parsons, America Adapts is a podcast show that talks with scientists, activists, policymakers and journalists about the challenges faced in adapting to climate change and applying global warming solutions.

Global warming due to carbon emissions is already a reality however hard we strive to reach zero-carbon emissions. Therefore, the future also points at finding ways to adapt to the consequences of climate change as an added challenge.

The America Adapts podcast follows adaptation leaders already doing amazing work and to identify potential avenues of progress in society and the environment. In episode 54, Doug Parsons discovers the burgeoning role of landscape architects in adaptation planning. After attending the American Association of Landscape Architects conference in Los Angeles, he talks to a wide array of landscape architects, from living legend Martha Schwartz to young graduate students just entering the field.

Podcast: America Adapts

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