“Out to sea”

An exhibition to raise awareness of the pollution of the oceans

Event Barcelona

Scientists alert us every day of the consequences of the damage we are inflicting on the planet. Between 8 and 12 million tons of garbage reach the sea around the five continents every year, a result of poorly managed waste. 15% of this amount moves around the surface of the sea, another 15% reaches the coasts and the rest sinks to the seabed, posing a serious threat to aquatic ecosystems and marine species.

To raise global awareness of the seriousness of the plastic waste that invades our oceans Roca presented, along with the We Are Water Foundation, this exhibition, created by the Zurich Design Museum in association with the Drosos Foundation and curated by Roman Abersold, professor at the University of Zurich.

The exhibition, which can be visited at the Roca Barcelona Gallery until the end of October, showcases all levels affected by the plastic problem, as well as the possible solutions to avoid increasing its effects in the future.

“Out to sea”

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