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Luis Urculo draws from anthropology, archeology and criminology as a main reference of phenomenology to create lines of investigation based on the idea of reconstruction of timelines, interpretations, uncertain materiality, imprecise descriptions, ambiguity and interpretations of reality.

In this interview we have compiled some of the questions asked by Instagram followers and we have discovered this multifaceted and innovative designer.

A role model that has influenced your career

Carlo Mollino

Where do you find inspiration?

Popular art, marginal art and the domestic landscape.

Which project have you always wanted to develop and haven’t been able to?

An opera

How will design evolve in the next 20 years?

It will evolve towards a more ambiguous and richer space, towards a dialogue with other disciplines.

What milestone has marked your career?

Setting up my studio in Mexico

Which project kept you awake at night and why?

My final year project (there were literally days with no sleep!), those were months of research and training that marked me forever.

What advice would you give to a young design student?

All projects are important, regardless of the budget or scale, there is always an opportunity to generate something interesting.


What inspires you to create new pieces, new projects?

Normally books and bicycle rides.

Which project are you prouder of and why?

Dear New York for Zara was a project that was developed with great freedom and allowed me to create a piece that continues to be alive in many places.

Do you have an upcoming project related to dance?

I continue collaborating with Montdedutor, and I hope to be able to develop a project I have with Cuqui Jerez very soon.

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