Holidays in space

  • 15/03/19
  • Updated Inspiration

By late 2021, the privileged layperson will be able to take a holiday in space. The offer is a 12-day trip aboard the Aurora Station, a luxury hotel that accommodates four guests, plus two crew members, costing $9.5 million per guest. In exchange, guests will be taken 200 miles above the Earth’s surface, experience the thrill of zero gravity, gaze at the Northern Lights through the hotel windows, participate in research experiments such as food farming in space, and more. In addition, the Aurora Station will orbit the Earth every 90 minutes, guaranteeing an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets in just 24 hours! And all this with the possibility of sharing these experiences with our loved ones via high-speed wireless internet connection.

The Aurora Station is an initiative of American company Orion Span, whose team has extensive experience in the space industry. Up until now, the offer has attracted much attention and the hotel is already fully booked for the first four months.

Holidays in space

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