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In this interview we have compiled 10 questions posed to Carlos Gimeno García, founder of the studio Soul Arquitectura Interior and director of its design and project implementation team.

With his words, Carlos shows his passion for design and his attention to detail in his work.

A design that has been hidden in a drawer for a long time?

It would be difficult to choose just one. Whenever I find inspiration, I start designing and ideas keep flowing. They can be designs of new spaces, details of a home or furniture and lamps. These are sketches I keep and later on define and evolve in greater detail, depending on the moment. I have a constant need to evolve and capture the different influences I perceive throughout time and in different places.

Which is your favorite lamp?

When we talk about lamps we talk about light, these are key concepts that always go hand in hand and must adapt to every space, creating the perfect lighting every time. In our designs and projects, we always develop spaces around natural light, as this allows us to enjoy those spaces during the day, but at the same time, how we illuminate that space is also essential, enabling us to make the most of it when the day is nearing its end and there is no natural light. I believe that choosing a lamp mainly depends on the space we wish to illuminate, focusing not only on its design, but also on the type of light, the intensity and opening with which we want to illuminate each space.

We fall in love with many pieces, mainly because of the story they tell us, what they convey from the early stages of design. After all, our designs are conceived from within, from our souls and that is when each idea developed in our sketches starts to take shape.

The selection of materials used in manufacturing is one of the key aspects when choosing them, valuing those designs that are respectful with the environment and always focusing on Spanish design.

A trick to identify the ideal moment to add accessories to the decoration.

There is always a special piece or material that we add to our designs in every project; it can be a chair, a fabric, a ceramic piece, a lamp… Our approach is not about choosing a specific moment, we rather focus on what the space, the atmosphere or our clients transmit to us. When we work on the first phase of every project or design, blending with the elements, feeling every material, every texture, the sensations they transmit and how they are transformed with the right use of light, the selection of certain complements flows naturally becoming another component of the space we are designing. It is essential to be guided by emotions and intuition, taking into account aspects such as sustainability, functionality, aesthetics and the social component of every element or object we wish to incorporate into our designs.

What kind of artwork would you incorporate into your interior design?

“Everything is about art.” We cannot understand design and the creation of a space without including art in any of its disciplines, it would be an unfinished space. Art, whether painting, photography, sculpture, literature, music… is able to transform spaces, coming to life and allowing us to experiment surprising sensations, providing depth, light… enabling us to escape and travel to other cultures. I am amazed by the force a painting conveys with every brushstroke on the canvas, the force and feeling hidden and conveyed by every piece… the beauty of experimenting with textures. We constantly focus on emerging artists and new talents, this is a key element in all our spaces. Artists like Magali Llata or Fernando de Ana, among many others, have collaborated with us recently.

Which are your work and inspiration tools?

We constantly try to experiment with new materials and textures that convey sensations, depth, light, the perfect balance between force and subtlety, which have a story behind, which have a soul. As for inspiration, I consider that every place, every object, texture and smell can provide the perfect tool to find inspiration. If I had to choose, I would consider that nature alone achieves any beauty standard, balance, calmness and light, which is a source of inspiration; without any doubt, we can say that nature, without pretending it, is the best architect.

What do you think the new interior design trends will be in 2021?

When we talk about interior design trends for 2021, I think that the designs of spaces and objects are clearly marked by the scenario of a global pandemic.

Designs must be able to respond to new needs based on a new socialization model, on a new lifestyle and a new way to work. I consider that functionality, sustainability and authenticity are key trends. The beauty of something imperfect but real, designs from the soul.

When should we open windows / integrate the sky as a roof in an urban reform?

Always. Our spaces stand out for the search of natural light as origin and development of any design and as their core point.

At what age and why did your passion for architectural and interior design begin?

My passion for design and the world of architecture started from a very young age, influenced by my father’s passion, surrounded by plans on tracing paper and the smell of ink, as plans were then copied in studios, visiting residential sites with my father on the weekends or during holidays. I am very fond of those memories and those early years, without a doubt I owe my greatest source of inspiration, my passion, perseverance and values to him.

What is the project that you have enjoyed the most?

All the projects we have developed in the study are special to me, as they were designed with the greatest passion and enthusiasm. If I had to choose one, Clinica Bayón would be one of the projects that has posed the greatest challenge due to its disruptive and electric design, while being also fully balanced. The trust, affection and enthusiasm placed on this project by Doctor Julián Bayón played a key role in its fascinating results.


What advice would you give to have a career like yours?

Honesty, passion, enthusiasm, perseverance and never stopping to believe in yourself, not only in this profession but as the basic foundation of life.

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