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A talk about re-envisioning the path to the end product

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Fred Erik, who is part of Envisions Designlab is a conceptual designer and design thinker with a strong fascination for the endless evolvement of the world he lives in. With an interest in technological leaps, he sparks wonder with his conceptualisations of future living environments. His design process is characterised by a chameleon-like approach: he immerses himself into various disciplines after which he adapts his ‘language’ to the subject. A tendency to move away from what is obvious and known, results in a form, material and colour language that has an estranging though alluring appearance.

For its part, Envisions Designlab is a Dutch collective of 25 multidisciplinary creatives with a shared fascination for experimental research. The collective is specialised in translating innovative and experimental ideas into refreshing applications, with an aim to overthrow the usual boundaries between finished product and the creative process.

Materials are a form of expression

Envisions Stone in process. Ronald Smits.

Amon other things, Fred Erik explains in this talk how in their work they explore the relationship between humans, objects and materials and how materials shape human behavior.

Moreover, Fred Erik analyzes some of his projects in which experimental design research is used to resuscitate unchanging patterns and ideas within the industry. For example, he delves on the project developed together with ECO-oh!, a Belgian plastics recycling company, which demonstrate how an experimental and intimate collaboration between designer and industry affects the development of materials and what role it can play in the future of recycled plastics.



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