European Healthcare Design 2019

The European Healthcare Design Congress & Exhibition will reflect on the transformation of a new place-based health system from an architectural point of view

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The 2019 European Healthcare Design Congress & Exhibition is scheduled to take place at the Royal College of Physicians in London, United Kingdom, from 17-19 June. With the plenary theme of Blurring the boundaries: designing place-based health systems, this year’s congress will explore how the global shift towards population- and place-based health systems are gaining momentum, facilitated by advances in science and technology. Healthcare architecture will be a key issue during the Congress.

The healthcare system of today is shifting towards a new model in which it is pushed to partner with other sectors skipping the boundaries of the traditional hospital, such as housing, transport, urban planning and the workplace to design healthier communities, with a focus on personal responsibility and lifestyle.

Traditional building typologies of healthcare architecture are becoming redundant as facilities move to the cities’ high footfall areas, providing wellness-based services at empty shops or transport hubs. Public health and healthcare services join up where it is needed, improving access, enabling earlier diagnosis, and creating more efficient care pathways. In addition, the arts and digital technology will have their say in improving outcomes and enhance staff and patient experience.

Main image: Royal College of Physicians, London, UK. European Healthcare Design 2019

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