Design and architecture to confront the refugee crisis

The Maidan Tent can accommodate up to 100 people and be divided into private spaces

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The Italian architect Bonaventura Visconti di Modrone has searched for a new way to confront the refugee emergency from the point of view of architecture and design. 

This is the origin of Maidan Tent, a tent conceived to accommodate up to 100 refugees, ensuring their independence and privacy by allowing its division into smaller spaces. 

As it is a facility for emergency situations, the tent is designed to comply with the requirements of easy transport, quick and easy installation and adaptation to different natural environments. Thanks to a fan that continuously provides air, the interior is better insulated than with the traditional PVC coverings and the use of a highly resistant polyethylene and polyester textile cover favors the cleaning and disinfection of the tent.  

Maidan Tent

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