Picture of Sobral

Rosa Sobral


Rosa Sobral was born in Viseu in 1985. At 16, she moved to Porto, where she completed high school and the Master of Architecture by FAAULP (Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Lusíada University of Porto). 
Her professional experience began during the last academic year (2007), in an office based in Vila Nova de Gaia, where she worked for four years. 
In 2011, after gaining some experience and raising a sizable customer base, she opened her own studio, focusing her mission on the development of architectural and interior architecture projects. 
With housing, hotel, trade and service projects in her portfolio, she gives special emphasis to the client and the project as a whole, making the full design of the work. 
Her personality is reflected in the works she draws. Subtlety and elegance are the motto for an architecture with a strong personality. 
The taste for the challenge and the opportunities has also made her, since 2015, to be Co-founder of a tourism rental management company, ORM, where in some apartments her personality and the trait of her work are well marked. 

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