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A cycle of conferences between architects and chefs at Roca Barcelona Gallery

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On Tuesday, January 22, the inauguration of the ‘Chef’s Home’ conference cycle will take place at Roca Barcelona Gallery. In the first session ‘Torres + Ferrater’, the Torres brothers’ new restaurant, the ‘Cocina Hermanos Torres’, will be presented by the chefs themselves and the architects in charge of developing the project, the OAB architecture studio, directed by Carlos Ferrater.

The objective of the session is to discuss the meeting point between gastronomy and architecture and interior design and the kitchen in spatial terms; and how the architects, Carlos and Borja Ferrater have managed to include all the requirements of the chefs in a statement-making space.

The chefs and architects will talk about the process of ideation, creation and development of the project, as well as the challenges that have been encountered in the process.

Roca Barcelona Gallery promotes activities in the architecture and interior design sector with the purpose of generating and disseminating knowledge and supporting the development of both.

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