Book: Extreme Cities

Ashley Dawson explores how cities drive climate change while being on the frontline of the coming climate crisis

In Extreme Cities, Ashley Dawson analyses the dominant role of cities in relation to climate change. Most megacities are located in coastal areas yet seem to avoid the notion of extensive coastal flooding, a future prediction for littoral cities. Instead, megacities continue to promote waterfront condos for the elite and industrial facilities for corporations, contributing to increased carbon emissions and putting residents at risk of rising water levels.

Dawson highlights the alarming future that awaits our cities, analysing specific cases of climate change adaptation in New York, Alaska and the Netherlands. He reminds us that the future is not about building big walls to stop rising sea-levels but about establishing an urban movement capable of rethinking our cities in a fairer way. A shocking study and at the same time a call to action for the future of cities threatened by global warming.


Book: Extreme Cities

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