Picture of Nisan  Al Jazairi

Nisan Al Jazairi

Prague, Czech Republic

Nisan is a Prague-born geologist (1967) expert in urban and regional planning, and territorial development in the Czech Republic, and Senior Manager of AV62 Development & Consulting, based in Barcelona and Baghdad. Son of the Iraqi journalist and politician, Mufid Al Jazairi, has dedicated the last decade to working in post-war Iraq. Together with his team, he has contributed to rebuilding the country through urban and territorial planning, heritage reconstruction and sustainable tourism development, in Baghdad, Mosul, Najaf, Samarra and Basra. He currently focuses on green activism projects and on the reforestation of the territory to fight the environmental crisis affecting the country, hoping to put it at the centre of the political agenda. Far from the unsustainable urban models of other Gulf countries, he proposes sustainable urban development based on involving its citizens and fostering local tradition. In parallel, he is setting the political, institutional and scientific-cultural guidelines to achieve sustainable development, and fuel positive impact on the life conditions of its inhabitants and neighbouring countries.


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