Picture of Marta Parra Casado & Angela E. Müller

Marta Parra Casado & Angela E. Müller

Madrid, Spain & Salzburg, Austria

Marta Parra and Angela Müller founded their practice Parra-Müller Arquitectura de Maternidades in Madrid, in 2007. As architects that expose different views, they first met in the same city while sharing their maternity experience. After collaborating with Spain’s Ministry of Health on redefining the guideline basis for obstetric facilities, they decided to join forces and establish their professional practice, Parra-Müller. Their passion for the design based on evidence (EBD) and human scale of hospital facilities has brought them to extend their work in the last years to other departments such as Paediatrics, Oncology, Mental Health and ICUs.
They conceive space as another “caregiver”, as an ally that facilitates medical attention processes and provides well-being – a game changer through the humanization of environments. The studio has been awarded the “Architect of the Year 2018” prize by the Superior Council of Architects’ Guilds in Spain and the ePower&Building tradeshow.


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