Picture of Carlos Gimeno García

Carlos Gimeno García

Madrid, Spain

Carlos Gimeno García is the founder of the studio Soul Arquitectura Interior and director of its design and project implementation team.
The studio stands out for functional spaces where light and their passion for design and art in all its forms are the main theme.
They seek to offer comfort, personality, essence, warmth and spontaneity. Connecting with every individual, listening to them, getting to know everything about their lives, their experiences and their real way of enjoying every space… Their emotions, passions and concerns, so that each space of their home speaks of them and can be enjoyed to the fullest.
Their design style is that of their clients, real, customizing every project to meet their needs and lifestyle. Tailor-made projects for every individual.
With utmost care in every detail, both in the selection of materials, finishes, textures, textiles and color, they select special furniture pieces, carefully studying the use of light in every room, achieving a unique personality in each space.