Picture of Matthew  Cockerill

Matthew Cockerill

London, UK

Matthew Cockerill is a straight talking industrial designer and innovator who’s driven by people’s essential needs, creative collaboration, emerging technologies, design aesthetics and market fit. He creates unexpected relevant solutions through the design of physical and digital products and experiences. He’s designed the world’s first ethical and modular smartphone for Fairphone, unlocked near future opportunities for Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, Fujitsu, Panasonic & Pepsi Co and even reinvented the funeral experience for a visionary billionaire. He regularly engages with the wider design community through panel discussions, workshops, award judging, public speaking and opinion pieces for the international design and business press including FastCo, Wired and Dezeen. He recently created and hosted a panel discussion in collaboration with Dezeen and panelists from Samsung, IKEA, Google ATAP and Nest to explore the opportunities and challenges of our future smart home