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A talk about villas & boutique Hotels

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If a place is only photographable and its not livable, it doesn’t work.


Studio Andrew Trotter is a multi disciplinary office working on international projects from architecture and interior design to product design and design consultancy. With simplicity at the heart of his ideas and a true belief that any design should belong to the place that it is built, works such as Masseria Moroseta and Villa Cardo quickly became icons within the Pugliese landscape.

Masseria Moroseta. Ostuni. Studio Andrew Trotter.
Masseria Moroseta. Ostuni. Studio Andrew Trotter. ©Salva Lopez

The studio is currently working on projects ranging from private homes, holiday homes, event spaces and boutique hotels in Puglia, Roma, Reggio Emilia, Athens, Amalfi Coast and Utah, and during this talk with its founder, we can understand how they approach these type of projects.

Andrew explains the difference between a boutique hotel and a villa, what are most valued things in both of them and how the studio implement all the requirements in their projects.

Discover during this interview some of their projects with an exquisite balance between tradition, antiquity and modernity.

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