A book to review the architecture of “home-based work”

Frances Holliss traces a story illustrated by images of contemporary buildings in the United Kingdom and the United States

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Beyond Live/Work: the architecture of home-based work is the title chosen by Frances Holliss for a volume that delves into the architecture of homes that have also worked as workplaces for their owners.  

Holliss aims to reveal the history behind “teleworking”, so relevant in the past few months and its influence on architectural history. The author reviews the lives and premises of 90 contemporary workers in the United Kingdom and in the United States, with different social backgrounds and various occupations, who have carried out their professional career from home.    

Through this analysis, Holliss generates a range of typologies and design considerations for home-based work that will be useful for design professionals, politicians and the workers themselves.  


«Beyond Live/Work: the architecture of home-based work»

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