2019 Land Art Generator Competition

The design contest challenges designers, architects and engineers alike to create urban works of art which function as renewable energy infrastructures in Masdar City

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After being held in other cities and regions across the world, the Land Art Generator Initiative returns to Abu Dhabi with Masdar City as the backdrop. The contest challenges designers, architects and engineers alike to intervene the existing urban landscape with public works of art that function as renewable energy infrastructures, able to give supply to local communities. The ultimate goal of LAGI is to accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon future.

‘Return to the Source’ is the motto inspiring the current edition, as Masdar is the Arabic word for ‘source’, referring to the Sun as the source of energy that sustains life on Earth, drives the wind and waves, and that over millions of years powered the transfer of ancient carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and into the ground, creating a climate habitable to humans.

This year’s special edition is in partnership with the 24th World Energy Congress which will be the venue for the exhibition of 25 shortlisted projects designed for Masdar City, scheduled to take place in September 2019. As a bonus, the LAGI 2019 book (Prestel) featuring 50–60 submissions will be released in January 2020 at the World Future Energy Summit.

Main image: The Clear Orb, a submission to the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Santa Monica, by Jaesik Lim, Ahyoung Lee, Jaeyeol Kim and Taegu Lim. Energy Technology: transparent luminescent solar concentrators, oscillating water column (OWC) wave energy converter. Water Harvesting Technology: solar distillation. Annual Capacity: 3,820 MWh and 2.2 million litres of drinking water.

LAGI 2019

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